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August 28, 2012

I've been a parent at Lake Myrtle for the last 4 years. I am very happy with the school as a whole and am very involved in the school. Administration listens when you have a concern and bases decisions on both parent and teacher input. Am very happy with Lake Myrtle and will keep my children there through 5th grade.

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June 7, 2012

A great school year with our new principal. I'm grateful for the leadership he provided for the teachers, staff and students.

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February 1, 2012

New principal that is very loving and all about the children. He is organized and is greatly missed as the VP at another school. Lake Myrtle is very blessed to have him! If you are looking at any reviews from 2011 or later, please take with a grain of salt. A new principal has taken over and the school he came from was very efficient mostly because of him.

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May 26, 2011

My child is just completing 1st grade here & wont be back. The first day of school for K & 1st they couldn't find her when I came to pick her up. The K teacher was wonderful & TRULY loved her kids but was hassled all year by the "higher" ups & let go. The 1st grade teacher is an older teacher who needs to retire & stop making school miserable for our 6 year olds. Luckily my child is a self starter & excels in every subject or she would have been lost. I fought to have my child removed from the class & multiple times the principal & VP dropped the ball on my complaints. For 2 weeks i was given promises & for 2 weeks they "forgot" to call me back, on the third week I was apologized to profusely & told lets start fresh. The VP said she would be waiting on the drop off loop to take my child to her new class & new teacher. Monday morning came & not only was she not there but the teacher my child was placed with, who by the way is wonderful, had NO idea who we were or why my child was there, again they dropped the ball. In closing Lake Myrtle does have some really GREAT teachers but their efforts are overshadowed by disorganized "higher ups" who are better at making excuses than progress

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October 27, 2010

This school was great but it's been declining in recent years. I have been a parent of kids here for over 5 yrs and finally NOW I decided I have had enough. When your child is left ALONE outside for over 20mins and they had NO idea he was there nor alone and when I question I get "We have over 800kids in the school we can't keep track of all of them" I say. Time to move on! And YES, this was the response I truly received! Teachers are wonderful but overshadowed by the horrible management!

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May 6, 2010

Lake Myrtle provides a safe and caring environment. The teachers know how to identify student academic needs and know how to provide intensive instruction for those needs. My daughter began school struggling and is now succeeding because of the proper interventions that were put in place for her. I am very pleased with the overall program the school offers. This is definately a top notch school.

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October 4, 2009

Lake Myrtle has a caring, safe, learning environment for the students. The school has been rated an A+ school since grades have been given in the state of Florida. The faculty and staff are excellent and care about the well being of the students and parents.

February 10, 2009

I think lake mrytle is an awesome school to be!if you dont like it but if your children do let them make their decision! great job!

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February 6, 2009

I agree with the dissatisfied parents here. The school is horrible! No organization, Poor comunication between teachers and parents and the curriculum is not suitable for the grade that is to be administered. I don't like it and I will be pulling my child OUT of this school. FYI... My child is a strait A Student and I am extremly involved with my childs education and attend ALL meetings and events. This years science projects are a joke! are you kidding me? DO THIS, DON'T DO THAT! Gimme a break. Can't wait till the year ends!

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September 19, 2008

To the 2 previous posters: If you don't like the way things are - get involved. Lake Myrtle is an A school. There have been many changes, & many are state mandated. Earlier start time is due to the state increasing # of minutes that must be taught in certain subjects. Pod structure changed b/c of new class size law that we the people voted for. Pick up/drop off changed b/c the new principal recognized that it was extremely unsafe for our children. This is a great school. It is not solely up to the school to shape our children. The job of ensuring your child gets what he/she needs is in your own hands. Talk to the teacher, the principal; volunteer. As Mahatma Ghandi said: Be the change you want to see in the world. Find out what's going on before you start blaming.

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September 18, 2008

Lake Myrtle is one of those schools where you think everything is going well until you receive your child's first progress report. Special needs children are immersed with average children which can create a distraction to even the most focused student. There have been many changes this year, such as an earlier start time, pod structure changes, and pick up and drop off procedural changes. It isn't a terrible school by any means, but if you are looking for place where the teachers take the time to get to know your children as individuals before labeling them and placing them in a box, this isn't your school.

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September 11, 2008

Im extremely dissapointed in the school this year, with a new principal things have changed beyond belief. The teachers so far are doing great BUT the principal and AP change things daily and upset routines of not only the children but the parents and then expect us to just accommodate their 'whims'. The past 2 years the administration was great and took into account all of the extra needs for special children who attend this school.

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July 8, 2008

This is a great school. My son loves it and can't wait to go back next year! His teacher was very organized ,caring, and passionate. There is also a lot of parent involvement which shows how much the school means to them! Very satisfied with Lake Myrtle!

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February 12, 2008

My son is Autustic and attends Lake Myrtle Elementary. I could not ask for a better school or environment for him to be placed into. Thank you Ms. Hogan and all of Lake Myrtle staff.

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June 25, 2007

Lake Myrtle is a great school. Because of continuous progress, both of my children who are advanced, have been challenged and not bored. The teachers we have had are great. They keep the kids learning while making it fun. They have a fabulous music program, art class, and PE. The parents there are very involved. Both of my children love school. We are on summer break now and every time we go past the school they both say how much they miss it. On a sad note, we are losing our great principal. I am not sure who we are getting this year, but we will sure miss Mr. Abernathy.

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